we found this band at sxsw and they are pretty good

April 1, 2011 by nite mind | Filed under mp3.

LESANDS. when i first heard em I kinda pegged them as “twin shadow 2″, which actually isn’t a bad thing, cause twin shadow made a great record and also put on a great live show at sxsw (we saw them outside on the lawn while eating free ice cream, you can’t beat that). anyway they don’t seem to have any videos. lesands if you are reading this get in touch and I will hook you up with a dude who can make a sweet video for your sweet band.
Lesands – Easy to Please by LABeet
actually now that i listen to this soundcloud jam it sounds like maybe a demo or earlier mix or something. here is the EP version. this EP is super strong and hits in quite a few places for an EP. can’t wait to hear a full-length from dudes

lesands – easy to please

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